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Please submit the record of your observations, including a photograph if one is available.

Please follow the instructions, starting at the top of this page and clicking on the Submit buttons as you enter your information.

There is guidance on taking measurements on the Learn more page. Each of the headings which will appear after you have submitted your location is a link to a PDF document with more information.

You do not need to register to submit a photograph and observations on the river conditions. If you are not a registered user go to Location.

However, if you are a registered user please login below


You can provide the location for your information (and photo) on an interactive map or by entering a grid reference or with latitude longitude.

Moving the map around, zooming and centering it at your location will automatically produce the coordinates we require.

If you are using a touch-sensitive device such as an iPhone please click on the button to the left of "Latitude/Longitude" to update the coordinates before clicking "Submit location".

Map (zoom in and centre the map at the location for your information)

Grid reference -

Latitude/Longitude -

When you have submitted the location for your record you will be prompted to enter the information you have observed.