The map shows the locations and names of the sites of 22 topographic and peat depth surveys carried out in Scotland and England since 1984, by the MISR and MLURI. Their details are also listed here. These surveys mainly comprise raised bogs and commercial peat workings and include the surface and bottom contours, peat depth, isopachytes, cross-sections, peat volume, and peat quality. The survey methodology was broadly the same as that of the Moss Survey Group for the Scottish Peat Committee, latterly based at the Macaulay Institute for Soil Research (MISR).

When zoomed in to a scale of 1:250,000, the outlines of the 1:250,000 soil map units are displayed and their soil map unit code, as well as the name of the peat survey site and a point indicative of its location. For details of the 1:250,000 soil map units please go to the Scotland’s Soil website.